Integrated care for patients with heart failure



What is HerzMobil?

HerzMobil is a multidisciplinary care program for patients with heart failure.

The self-monitoring solution enables patients to record health-relevant data in their familiar home environment, which are then made available to the physician for the evaluation.

The goals of the care program are the sustainable stabilization of the disease, the optimization of drug therapy, the improvement of the patient’s personal competence, a safe handling of the disease and a better quality of life for patients and their relatives.


Participants of the HerzMobil program have a significantly lower 1-year mortality risk (10% vs. 25%).

More details and the link to the publication can be found in the TBM-News …



"The comprehensive HerzMobil care program aims to stabilize heart failure in the long term. Together with TELBIOMED, a major step towards patient health has been achieved here."
Projekt management HerzMobil