The Covid-19 virus will keep the whole world in suspense in spring 2020. Governments and health authorities are called upon to take measures that can stop the spread of the disease. TBM Covid-19 is an important short-term monitoring tool that can quickly and efficiently collect relevant health data from quarantined individuals to monitor the progress of a possible infection.

Initial Situation

Persons at risk for a positive test result or who have been in contact with an infected person or other groups such as returnees from trips currently have to spend 14 days in quarantine. These persons regularly record body temperature and answer questions about typical symptoms. The data are made available in a structured form to the authorized caregivers so that they can carry out monitoring with as little effort as possible and, if necessary, initiate further measures promptly.


With TBM Covid-19, people in quarantine can easily report their symptoms via an Internet form or smartphone app. Clinicians and health authorities can quickly filter for suspicious people, send messages directly to the person and involve other caregivers if necessary. This enables a secure, efficient and targeted use of resources.


Simple and fast data acquisition

Using a web-based covid-19 input form and Internet browser or a home monitoring app and smartphone, the person in quarantine can record relevant information (e.g. body temperature, oxygen saturation, symptoms), receive and confirm feedback from the health authorities and check history data themselves.

Discharge to the institutions

With the simple workflow of TBM Covid-19, it is possible to significantly reduce the workload of hospital and health authority staff: the graphic display of all data with identification of anomalies helps to monitor progress; integrated feedback function in the form of short messages; transparent and traceable storage of information etc.

Security for personal data

The data server is operated in the secure IT environment of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. The solution can be hosted on premise or in the cloud, too. Only authorized persons have access to the data server. A clearly defined rights-role concept allows a structured subdivision of supply circuits. The smartphone app is connected to the data service with an individual QR code.



TBM COVID-19 will be used for the first time by SIEMENS HEALTHINEERES Australia for the digital care platform “myCare Companion – Pandemic”. In the Victoria region, Bendigo Health will be the first hospital in Australia to introduce telemonitoring for suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients. Bendigo Health covers a catchment area a quarter the size of the State of Victoria.


Remote Care Management Solution for COVID-19 was developed in cooperation with AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.
SIEMENS HEALTHINEERES has selected our solution as a complement to their Digital Health portfolio.