TBM SOLUTIONS have been developed under real healthcare system conditions, related to their technical feasibility as well as proof-of-concept projects up to their realization. This has resulted in numerous scientific articles and reference projects with corresponding external impact. Our technology partner AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH has already received noteworthy awards. More information


Living Standard Award 2022

On May 19th of 2022 the Living Standards Awards ceremony took place in Vienna. The prize of the category “IEEE Standards” was awarded to the “Telemonitoring Report for Structured Treatment Programs in Healthcare” and was accepted by Nik Tanjga (ELGA GmbH). The report was developed by telbiomed and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology with the support of HL7 Austria, ELGA GmbH and other partners, in order to support the exchange of information for the integrated care of patients with chronic diseases.

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On the photo from left to right: Anton Dunzendorfer (AIT), Andreas Huber (LIV Tirol), Bernadette Matiz (Gesundheitsfond Steiermark), Günter Rauchegger (ELGA GmbH), Peter Kastner (telbiomed), Copyright: AIT/Purtscher