The TBM APP is the central communication tool of the patient. It is used to record self-measurement values such as body weight, blood sugar, blood pressure or heart rate and transmit the values to the data centre or care network. In accordance with the closed-loop healthcare principle, the attending physician or nursing staff can transmit feedback and recommendations to the patient. The data is transmitted between caregivers and patients in encrypted form; an ID card is used to secure the smartphone for the patient.

Simple operation and high data security

Simple data acquisition

The patient can record, annotate, document symptomatic data, ask questions and write comments in free text form via app supported by a workflow or according to a freely defined procedure. For an automatic and convenient data acquisition process, the app uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which eliminates the need to manually enter measurement data. When using Bluetooth devices, the complex procedure of Bluetooth pairing can be simplified.

Device protection

NFC can also be used to implement additional access control, as the patient must unlock the app before each use with a personal and therefore unique ID card (RFID card). Since the patient records and manages sensitive data with his smartphone, additional security functions of the smartphone platform, such as device encryption or access codes can be used or enforced when unlocking.

Secure data transfer

All captured data is encrypted and synchronized in the background by tbm core. TBM core, on the other hand, loads new feedback messages as soon as they are entered into the Web system by a physician. Periodically, reports are automatically generated to provide patients with an overview of their condition and behavior. Patients are informed about new messages as soon as they are available. As soon as the patients have read the messages, the telemonitoring system is informed (read confirmation). Changes to the settings of the TBM app for a patient with regard to the data to be entered are communicated to the patient in the app.

Patient Monitoring

By using the app in conjunction with tbm core, the attending physician can be provided with the most up-to-date view of his patients. The physician in turn has the possibility to contact his patients safely and securely without having to be on site.

"By regularly recording my endurance training, the TBM APP helps me a lot to keep track of my lifestyle and to pay special attention to my health after my heart attack".
A patient